I bought this pump online at exactly 12 AM February 16. I would prefer to test it out first as I don’t want to regret the purchase later on just in case it wouldn’t work the way it was advertised but unfortunately I don’t have the time to go to babymama that day. It also doesn’t have that enough reviews yet so yes, buying it was a risk I took. I badly needed a back-up pump, its features looked promising, and oh, it was on SALE for 30% off. How can I resist a one day sale? Hahaha. I know most moms can relate. Right?


So the pump was delivered around noon the same day. I hurriedly unboxed it. I was just so excited to try it because its features are comparable to the pump I currently use (Spectra 9s). Below are the parts that it came with. It also came with freebies. ( 2 breastmilk bags, an icepack and a milkbooster drink)

parts baby mama
photo from babymama

For its price point I was surprised that it came with optional parts such as the silicone massager, bottle stand and pump cover. Although I am not really a fan of massagers as the milk tends to get in it when I pump and then the pump cover only fits when you have the massager on it is still nice that those were included as I know some moms prefer to use them.

Moving on. It has standard 28mm wide neck flanges. It looks sturdy and they said it would fit nipple sizes from 20-28mm so if you are within those range then lucky you. If not, then you need use a different flange as I know for that particular brand they don’t offer small flanges yet. Always remember that a powerful pump is nothing if you don’t have the correct flange size.

I use a standard size flange in spectra so technically this one should fit me but I didn’t like the sloped design it had on its neck to make way for the backflow preventor because part of my nipple gets stuck on it during expression mode.


Not sure if you can see the space between the valve socket and flange in this photo

I checked the valves next. It is clear (which I like so I am sure it is cleaned thoroughly)  and smaller than that of spectra it also doesn’t look as fragile as spectra but my concern is that the space between the valve socket and the inside of flange is too narrow that it makes it hard for me to remove the valve without the fear of damaging it. (Not sure if it’s just because I have big fingers).

Just in case you need replacement, I tried the looneytoons valve and it fits just fine on the pomona flange.

Anyway, I did try to use them but I think I’ll still stick with my SPECTRA FLANGES for now and might keep them as spare just in case.

It also came with 2 wideneck 5oz bottle. The only problem I had with them is that the sealing disc it came with doesn’t fit well. Actually mas swak pa ung sealing disc ng spectra sa kanya.

Let’s move on to the most important part of the pump ‘the motor’. It has LCD screen with touchscreen controls which is perfect when you pump in low light areas. You have to long press the power button to turn it on. I love that it has 4 suction modes, massage, quick, rhythm and expression so that moms can select which mode best suits them giving them a customized experience. (Spectra 9S only has massage and expression mode). Also, The pomona motor is as quiet as my spectra 9S. They won’t even notice you’re pumping.

for size comparison

It also has a memory function, it remembers the last suction level that you used for each mode. So the cycle begins with the massage mode (it is to stimulate let down – do not skip this, it is important to let the milk flow first before turning it to expression mode) – I used the same suction level 4-5 for both spectra and pomona. 2 minutes after the massage mode it automatically switches to expression mode, with spectra I can use level 5-7 comfortably but with pomona I stopped at level 5 kasi ang lakas talaga niya. I alternately use expression and rhythm. Rhythm is my favorite mode as it a combination of massage and expression which helps me express more milk. The pump also turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

*Tip : once the milk stops flowing on the expression mode. Switch it back to massage mode to stimulate another let down.


Actually, I’m still in awe that this has such a powerful pump sold for such an affordable price. I mean the motor in itself is already a bang for the buck. I can say that it is at par with the expensive pumps in the market.

I was able to express 5-6oz of milk in 9minutes (used as single pump) –using only levels 3-5 on expression mode. It usually takes me 15-20 mins with spectra if I pumped with a 4 hour interval. (But I know that when you use it as a dual pump you will definitely need more power hence a higher suction level) However, I suggest to start with the lowest level and slowly increase the level para hindi mabigla ang nips ninyo kasi malakas nga talaga ang suction.

For those who were wondering if we can use a different flange for this pump, the answer is yes. See photo of my spectra flange on this pomona pump.
*Tip: Lean forward a little bit when pumping and gently massage your breast with downward strokes towards the nipple.


My VERDICT? I LOVE THE MOTOR Kung may smart phone, ito may SMART PUMP. I supposedly wanted it as my spare pump, pero I find myself using it more frequently than my spectra 9s. If not for the slope on the flange I would’ve loved it overall. It’s a good investment pump. For its quality and portability hindi siya ganun kamahal. You can use it for 6 hours in a day so whether your’re an exclusive pumper or part time pumper. I can say it is worth buying.

*Tip – Apart from physical pumping is a mental challenge as well. Buying an expensive pump doesn’t mean you’ll be able to express a lot of milk immediately. Hindi naman gripo and mga breasts naten na kapag binuksan mo ay tutulo nalang ng tutulo. It takes time and effort for you to build a supply. Determination and focus is the key. Matinding sipag ang kailangan sa simula plus you need to be realistic, do not expect na marami na agad. Pero once you get the hang of it at tinuloy tuloy mo, then you will notice your supply will slowly increase. Goodluck mooomas!


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Why I prefer pumping one breast at a time using a dual pump : read here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=162803967846119&id=149805975812585

*This review is not sponsored by babymama.



  1. hello i bought wisemom pump too…is it normal that the battery symbol is fluctuating like, at the moment it is full, and then it would become 3 and then the next time you use it again it shows full again. ? do you experience the same with your wisemom pomona?


  2. Hi, how did you use Spectra flange? The air tubing socket is different from wisemom. I am planning to change the flange since wisemom flange is too big for me.


  3. Hi I also used the spectra 9s with my first baby and it really helped my breastfeeding journey. That’s why I got surprised that babymama began offering this wisemom pump. I just wanted to know what the differences are among the 4 different modes? Kc spectra only has massage and express. Useful ba to have the quick mode (what does this even mean?) and the rhythm mode? Thanks!


    1. Hi Isabel. I only use massage, rhythm and express mode. Massage is automatic 2 mins when you turn on the machine. It is to stimulate let down, rhythm is a combination of massage and express. Medyo milder ang suction ng spectra sa wisemom that is what I noticed. I hoped I answered your question 🙂


      1. Hi which do u prefer? Spectra or wisemom? I have the S2 also and the 9s. But if the wisemom is really worth it I was gonna sell my 9s and replace it for the Pomona. Like u I also prefer pumping one boob at a time cz i feel like I can really empty it of milk. Thanks!


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